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Hero: 108 Season 2

Watch Hero: 108 Season 2 full episodes free online cartoons.
Synopsis: Many years ago in the Hidden Kingdom, animals and humans lived in perfect harmony. One day, an evil trickster named High Roller arrived in the Hidden Kingdom, became ruler of the East Citadel, and fooled the animals into thinking that humans were their enemies. Chaos reigned until an individual named Commander ApeTrully formed Big Green as a task force to restore peace between the humans and animals. Big Green’s elite warriors are First Squad consisting of Mr. No Hands, Lin Chung, Mystique Sonia, Mighty Ray, and Jumpy Ghostface the Rabbit King. First Squad ends up helping Commander ApeTrully to make peace with each of the animals while fighting High Roller and the Zebra Brothers Sparky Black and Sparky White.
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