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Dork Hunters from Outer Space

Watch Dork Hunters from Outer Space full episodes free online cartoons.
Synopsis: The Dorks are an evil alien species who have on their hands a bunch of peculiar explosives called the microgalaxies – these are galaxies that are so small, they can be held by a normal human being’s hand, and are so explosive to the point where, if they even hit the ground from a certain height, it could cause the total destruction of the universe. The Dorks have chosen Earth as the place to hide these microgalaxies, with the Dorks disguising themselves as humans in order to go unnoticed, and plan to carry their plan to take over the universe there. Their biggest enemies are the Dork Hunters, an organization of aliens whose goal is to retrieve the microgalaxies from the Dorks in order to save the Universe. The series focuses on a team of five members of this organization, based in the small city of Paramus-Mac, Nikki, Romeo, and their earthbound human friends Eddie and Angie-as they try to retrieve the microgalaxies in Earth from the Dorks, while the supreme commander and the …
Creators: Sean Catherine Derek, Rick Ungar
Stars: Gary Martin, Ben Small, Eric Meyers
Sources: IMDB

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